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iconicallyyours's Journal

An Icon
12 November
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accents, adam brody, ae, aero, af, american idol, ana, ashlee simpson, ashley olsen, b&bw, best week ever, black eyeliner, blowjobs, bracelets, brand new, bright eyes, captain jack sparrow, chappelles show, chillen, conor oberst, cosmo, cosmogirl!, cruel intentions, cuddling, cute polos, cute stuff, d&g light blue, daria, day after tomorrow, donnie darko, dreaming, emo lyrics, eyes, ferris buellers day off, flirting, forever 21, gossip girl novels, hair products, horoscopes, horror movies, hot pink, i love you too's, icons, jake gyllenhaal, jessica simpson, john, johnny depp, juicy couture, juicy tubes, julliard, kirsten dunst, laughing, lj, long island ice teas, mandy moore, marissa cooper, mary kate olsen, mascara, mean girls, mini skirts, mischa barton, mtv, my ipod, neon colors, newlyweds, nicky hilton, nicole richie, night, nike, old navy, one tree hill, pacsun, paris hilton, pearls, piano, pineapples, pink&green, polka dots, porch swings, potc, puma, pumas, quizzes, quotes&poems, rachel bilson, reading, reese witherspoon, ribbon bracelets, road rules, road trips, room raiders, self, seth cohen, seth&summer, seventeen, shirley temples, singing, sleepovers, sleepy hollow, sloppy firsts&second helpings, smiling at strangers, snow, soffes, sol, something corporate, spiderman 2, starbucks, staying up late, strawberry daqs, summer roberts, tcby, teen vogue, the ashlee simpson show, the body shop, the devil wears prada, the gap, the lovely bones, the oc, the princess diaries, the real world, the real world:san diego, the ring, the shining, the simple life, the surreal life, the virgin suicides, thirteen, thongs, trl, true life, universal studios, valley of the dolls, vanilla eggcreams, vh1, victorias secret, vogue, wijb, winter, wishing at 11:11, ♥.